THOMAS LLOYD is the Secretary of the Board of Sola Caritas.  He also serves as a career mentor for Sola Caritas internship participants.

Thomas is a seasoned activist and writer and is the former two-term President of GUPride at Georgetown University.  He is one of America's most accomplished policy debate coaches and brings years of teaching to his role.

Thomas graduated with a BSFS from Georgetown University.  He has received numerous awards and honors for his endeavors.


JAMES EDWARD SHIELDS is a the Treasurer of Sola Caritas.


TIMOTHY ROSENBERGER is the CPE Intern of Sola Caritas.

Tim is joining Sola Caritas for the fall of 2017 as he completes his clinical pastoral education. Tim will be working with the students we serve as a chaplaincy resource. He will also be available to serve volunteers and other community members.


Past and Current Members of Sola Caritas (incl. Board Members) also include Dennis Catrain, Stephanie Fralick, Chris Kutsick and Timothy Rosenberger.


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